by XOM

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released December 8, 2016

Darin Tambascio - 12-string bass, drum machine, compostion, vocals, lyrics*

* Derek Donley - lyrics and vocals on Lion

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Derek Donley

Art by Ryan Avery



all rights reserved


XOM Baltimore, Maryland

XOM began as mostly electronic-based and often improvised music.

With the release of the 90s "noise rock" inspired KRON album, XOM is now a moniker for any music created solely by Darin Tambascio.

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Track Name: Cliche
I'm saying nothing except cliches
Migraine from thinking it's all the same
Love is a standard we all agree

Fall back on false emotions

Words are not feelings
It's how we lie
Real truth is in the sounds of our minds

Fall back on false emotions
Fake your love
Track Name: Gobshite
We know nothing
But have so much to say
It's a battle of dimwits

In conversation we never lose
Because we're always right

Talking, talking, I can't stop talking
About what, I'm not sure
Listen, why, only my opinions matter

You're gobshite, that's all
Shut your face

I have no education in the subject
But trust me, I know what I'm talking about
My lack of passion and arrogance
makes me an expert in everything
Remember, the person who talks the most
is always right

You're gobshite, that's all
Flap your gums, don't hear
We're gobshite, us all
Strap our mouths, no fear

Who needs knowledge, when you have lips
Track Name: Dataspock
Clouded vision, blind rage
Jealousy, selfish brain

Irrational thoughts surround me
Is this my destiny

To be alone and aware
Or together while falling apart
This is no in between

Vacancy is my life
Safety occurs inside walls
built as a child

I can't change my past
But I can change my future
Track Name: Republicult
Poison the old and weak
With indoctrination

Corruption of minds to lose
perspective on what is important

Pray on the ill informed

Join the Republicult